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Bad tenants can create problems for landlords

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2019 | Real Estate Litigation |

Landlords usually prefer tenants who are respectful, responsible and abide by the rules. However, that doesn’t mean all of them will always act accordingly. In some cases, renters may participate in illegal activities, which may lose the rental company money or make other tenants uncomfortable. Some of those actions can include buying and selling drugs, creating a public nuisance or causing significant property damage.

These circumstances can create headaches for landlords, even if it’s only a small number of tenants creating issues.

According to a local real estate site, the Atlanta metro is seeing 36 residents moving to the city a day. As it’s known to be one of the biggest economic and cultural epicenters of the south, it can attract a wide variety of people. For local landlords, this means they have to remain competitive to keep new renters coming in the door.

Negative impacts of bad tenants

These are a few issues bad tenants can create:

  • Rental company could get a bad reputation: Information, whether it’s true or not, can travel fast these days. In some cases, when responsible or prospective renters leave negative reviews due to the bad behavior of some tenants, this can make it more challenging to attract new occupants.
  • Damage to living space: In some cases, poor tenants may increase their landlord’s expenses by purposefully inflicting harmful, even permanent damage to the property. This can cause problems when these occupants decide to move out. That’s because landlords may have to spend more of their budget on fixing up the property rather than advertising it to a prospective renter.
  • Tenant turnover may increase: The last thing most landlords want to see is tenants moving out in droves. The actions of irresponsible renters may cause other occupants to feel unsafe or annoyed and move due to undesirable circumstances.

Landlords have options available

If tenants continue their bad behavior after receiving a written notice, property owners may have to resort to eviction. Landlords in Atlanta metro looking to evict bad tenants may want to contact a real estate law attorney. They can make sure property owners are abiding by federal and state eviction guidelines and represent their case in court.