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Experienced Attorney For When You Want To Challenge An Estate

When a loved one passes away, friends and family can quickly find themselves at odds over how the directives of the deceased are being carried out. Some may question the administration of the estate, while others may dispute the will or wish to challenge the trust. When there are legal issues regarding an estate, you will want an attorney who is well-versed in probate litigation to walk with you through the process.

At the Law Offices of Tom Pye, we represent family, heirs, executors and others who are involved in any type of probate litigation. If you are involved in an estate dispute, contact our Peachtree Corners firm online or call us toll free at 877-840-3064 or call 678-894-2930 to schedule a consultation.

Probate Litigation Attorney Handles Will And Trust Disputes

Concerns regarding probate litigation can vary widely. In some cases, the disputes stay strictly between family members. In others, outside parties are involved. Our firm is here to handle your probate dispute needs. Using his extensive litigation background, lawyer Tom Pye can assist with the following:

  • Will and trust contests: Emotions can run high when there are concerns regarding inheritance disputes or the administration of a will or trust. If there are concerns, the written will or trust is not necessarily the final word. Rather, there are a number of grounds to contest wills and trusts, including the procedure of the signing and undue influence.
  • Undue influence: There may be a reason to believe someone was taken advantage of while compiling estate documents. When the competency of the deceased at the time of creating these documents is in question, you will want to contact an attorney with experience handling these sensitive cases.

At the Law Offices of Tom Pye, we will work directly with the family, heirs and executors from start to finish, making sure the true wishes of the deceased are carried out.

Experienced Law Firm For Your Probate Needs

Our firm handles all types of probate litigation needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment. Evening and weekend appointments are available.