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Handling Cases Stemming From Business Transactions

Businesses are constantly involved with different types of transactions. Whether these are with employees, other businesses or with consumers, a dispute involving a transaction can quickly turn into a complex legal matter. When this happens, you will no doubt have concerns and questions. An attorney who understands the legal system and business landscape in Georgia can help put your mind at ease and advocate on your behalf.

At the Law Offices of Tom Pye, we take an aggressive approach to your business litigation needs. We know just how detrimental these issues can be and why you need answers now. If you are involved in a dispute related to a business transaction, contact our firm online or call us at 678-894-2930.

Legal Representation For All Your Business Transactional Dispute Needs

As a solo practitioner lawyer with his own firm, Tom Pye understands the impact litigation can have on a business or an individual. At our firm, we know there can be a lot on the line with business transaction disputes, including someone’s livelihood.

Our law firm represents businesses, business owners, shareholders, partners and anyone else who may be involved in a business-related legal issue. We handle a number of different types of business transaction litigation cases, including:

  • Contract disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Business dissolution
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes

At our firm, attorney Tom Pye understands how these types of claims can affect small and large businesses. Whether you are the one filing a claim or accusations are being made against your business — or you as an individual — our law firm can provide you with the legal representation you need.

You Do Not Have To Face A Business Transaction Dispute Alone

If you own a large or small business, our lawyer can help with your business dispute needs. To schedule your consultation, call us toll free at 877-840-3064. Weekend and evening appointments are available.