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Will And Trust Contests

Probate Litigation Attorney For Will And Trust Disputes

The Law Offices of Tom Pye brings decades of experience to your will or trust contest case. We represent anyone who is involved in a will or trust dispute, including family members, heirs and executors.

If you are involved in a will or trust dispute, call our law firm at 678-894-2930 or email us to schedule a consultation. We will return your message promptly.

Will And Trust Contests Attorney Handles All Types Of Litigation

When someone with a will passes away in Georgia, the person named as the executor files the will with the probate court. This executor asks the court to approve all of the documents as the deceased person’s will and last testament. This is also when the court appoints the executor to carry out — or administer — the estate.

It is both during and after this process that legal issues can arise. Our firm has valuable experience when it comes to handling these cases and can assist when:

  • The executor files the will with the probate court, but there is a dispute regarding the approval of the will or just who should administer the will.
  • An individual believes he or she should have been included in the will and has concerns over the validity of the documents.
  • A trustee is not doing his or her job and the beneficiaries decide to sue to have the duties properly carried out or the trustee removed.
  • The executor is not properly administering the estate or taking money from the estate. An individual who was expecting money or just has concerns over how the estate is being handled can file a will or trust dispute claim.

Keep in mind that some people pass away without having a will in place. When this happens and there are concerns over who wants to be named administrator, you will want to call an estate litigation lawyer.

Involved In A Will Or Trust Contest? Call Our Georgia Probate Litigation Attorney.

At the Law Offices of Tom Pye, we have extensive experience handling a wide variety of will and trust contest cases. Contact our Peachtree Corners law firm or call us toll free at 877-840-3064 to schedule an appointment. Evening and weekend appointments are available.