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Driven Business Noncompete Agreement Attorney

Even if both the employer and employee enter into a noncompete agreement believing there is nothing ambiguous about the contract or clause, disputes can arise as to its applicability once it goes into effect. If you are in a legal dispute over a noncompete contract, it is very important that you obtain an attorney as soon as possible. Having a skilled lawyer who is very experienced in all types of business litigation matters can help get the problem resolved as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

Tom Pye has been providing strong representation to business clients since 1971. He has established a strong reputation over the years for his dedication and effective litigation and advocacy skills. Tell us about your noncompete agreement dispute today.

We invite you to contact us and arrange your consultation with our Gwinnett County business noncompete agreement attorney.

Representation In Noncompete Clause Or Agreement Disputes

In general, a noncompetition clause or agreement is one that is made between the employer and employee. The agreement places certain durations, geographic and employment restrictions on the employee should he or she no longer work for the company. Most noncompete agreements place a two-year restriction on the employee, restricting him or her from working in a certain area or for competitors.

However, exactly how these restrictions apply and how the clause is applicable in certain situations can give rise to legal disputes. Our attorney helps resolve all types of contract litigation disputes, including noncompete agreement matters. Whether you are the employer trying to uphold the contract or the employee claiming the clause is too broad or restricting, our seasoned litigation attorney will provide you with strong protection and advocacy.

Skilled Terms Of Agreement Lawyer

We invite you to please reach out to the Law Offices of Tom Pye and tell us about your particular noncompete agreement dispute. Contact our firm to schedule a consultation. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with evening and weekend appointments available.