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What must home sellers legally disclose to interested buyers?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2020 | Real Estate Litigation |

It is almost time for you to close on a home in Georgia, but you worry the seller failed to disclose a problem with the property. What does the seller have a legal obligation to tell you regarding the home?

Forbes lists items home sellers have to disclose to interested buyers. Learn whether you should go through with closing, or if you should keep looking for your next home.

Emotional defects

You may wonder if someone passed in your potential future home. Legally, the seller must tell you if a murder or suicide occurred within the property’s walls, and the same applies to acts of violence. Note that you may have to ask this question outright for the legal obligation to stand. The seller’s obligation also depends on how long ago the death took place.

Lead paint

A home inspection is a good way to know whether the property in question has lead paint, but the seller must disclose this information under federal law. Specifically, look into the presence of lead paint if the property existed before 1978.

Paranormal activity 

Everything may look OK in your potential home, but that does not mean you feel everything is all right when you set foot inside the home. Sellers must disclose home hauntings or if any exorcisms took place on the property. No matter how minor the paranormal activity, you may feel it is vital to know about it.

Problems with drainage

You deserve to know if any part of the property floods, or if the house had drainage issues in the past. Even a seemingly resolved drainage issue could prove ongoing.

Learn everything there is to know about any home you want to buy. Use these tips to protect yourself and your investment.