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What requirements should contractors meet?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2021 | Construction Litigation |

When a Norcross area resident hires a contractor for their home or investment property, they have many different companies to choose from. A person may search the internet, ask friends, work with a real estate professional, etc. to find the perfect contractor for the job. Many Georgia property owners ask questions regarding how long the project will take, how much it will cost, and how much experience the contractor has.

There are also credentials that contractors need to meet in order for the project to avoid legal issues down the line. These include:

  • A license in the state. Every state has different licensing requirements so it may be a good idea for a property owner to read through the Georgia licensing requirement to make sure their contractor is legal. It is important to properly verify the license as well.
  • Surety bond. A surety bond makes sure the client has a way to file a lawsuit against the contractor without fear that they won’t have the money to pay for the damages. Contractors are legally required to have this coverage.
  • Insurance. Insurance is key to making sure property owners have options if something goes wrong. It covers damages in case of an unexpected event. Insurance is usually a legal requirement.

A legal professional who is skilled in construction litigation can help their client when they are going through a search for a contractor and the contract, they create with them. They can review the laws and contract requirements with their client and make sure it is legal.