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Probate Litigation

Do I need a probate lawyer?

If somebody has died and this person named you in his or her estate, you may be looking at a lengthy probate process. One of the most common questions for persons in this position is whether or not they need to hire a probate lawyer.  Strictly speaking, there is no...

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What is a messy estate?

The probate process can often pass quickly if you make the right decisions before you die. Often times, the slow down during probate is a direct result of a messy estate. According to Forbes, your estate may be messy if it is going to be difficult to finalize. There...

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Who can challenge a will?

It is important to know that not everybody can challenge a will. You need to be in a certain position to be able to do so, and this is most commonly defined by how you are related to the deceased. You need to be considered an “interested person” in the eyes of the law...

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