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Lawsuit filed over long-lost artwork

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Probate & Estate Litigation |

Those tasked with managing and administering an estate in Norcross may be assuming a role that they could hold for several years. While the resolution of many estates is a process that only takes a relatively short period of time, some may require that executors continue to monitor estate properties for several years. 

This is especially true for those estates that count intellectual or artistic properties amongst their assets. If and when the unauthorized use of any of these assets occurs, then legal action may indeed be the only thing that can stop it. 

Protecting a long-lost work 

This is exactly what is happening over the proposed sale of a piece of art belonging to the catalog of a late feminist artist. The work has been missing for several years and believed to have been in the possession of the artist’s former partner (whom a jury later acquitted of her murder). Yet news recently surfaced that a man from right here in Georgia submitted the placed the piece up for sale at an auction house. The man claims to have bought the painting from a former art exhibiter. However, representatives of the late artist’s estate doubt that claim. The auction house has pulled the piece from its sales rotation until a lawsuit filed by the estate concludes. 

Preserving one’s legacy 

Representatives of the artist’s estate say that their actions are solely in the interest of preserving her legacy. That is the responsibility that executors and personal representatives assume (even if the process lasts for the rest of their lives). Fortunately, they are not necessarily alone in this endeavor. An attorney with experience in estate litigation may be a valuable resource to rely on when fighting to protect an estate’s assets.