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What types of defects can occur during a construction project?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2021 | Construction Litigation |

There are many different construction projects occurring in Georgia every day. Some are major projects such as office buildings or apartment and condo buildings that are many stories high. There are also homes being built, remodeling projects and many other types of projects. These projects are very important to the people who are paying for them and they expect that the project will be done well and according to the plan they agreed to at the start of the project.

There can be many different people and contractors involved in the construction projects and mistakes can be made at many different steps along the way. This can lead to construction defects.

Common types of construction defects

There are many different defects that can occur, but they generally fall into four main categories.

  • Design defects – these are flaws with the design of the building, which do not have anything to do with the actual construction of the building.
  • Material defects – there are many different materials used in the construction of buildings and they may be deficient. Common deficiencies in materials are faulty asphalt shingles, poor flashing, deficient sheetrock, problems with waterproofing membranes and other deficient material.
  • Construction defects – these occur when the construction itself is below acceptable standards and can lead to electrical issues, plumbing issues, water intrusion and other problems.
  • Foundation defects – these can occur in areas with expansive soil and other areas where the soil and ground itself cannot provide stable foundations for the buildings.

When construction defects occur in buildings in Georgia, they can cause significant damage. This damage can require significant repairs that can be very costly. It may also require people and businesses to relocate while repairs are made, making it even more costly. The owners of the buildings may be able to receive compensation for these damages if the issues were caused by negligent construction. These can be very complex matters though to determine who is at fault for the defect. Experienced attorneys understand these complex matters though and may be a useful resource.