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Dispute between property developer and county may head to court

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2021 | Construction Litigation |

Throughout Georgia, property development has many layers that must be navigated to get a project up and running. From acquiring land, formulating plans, hiring contractors, getting the proper permits and ensuring that all the legal issues have been addressed, it can be time consuming and challenging. It is somewhat inevitable that problems will crop up. In some instances, they can be handled relatively easily through negotiation and flexibility. In others, they escalate and need to be litigated. For help with real estate and construction concerns, it is useful to have professional advice from the start.

Building permits at the center of dispute over construction project

A developer is demanding that the county issue the building permits needed to begin work on a housing complex. If it does not, the company is threatening to file a lawsuit for $19 million. A hearing regarding the property’s rezoning is pending. According to the development company, the rezoning is already complete and legal. The family that owns the property has the right to move forward with the plan. The local government says it was given notice that litigation is being threatened. For its part, it says that the zoning issues are still being considered.

The $19 million figure stems from market studies that cost $725,000 and fees for various professionals in funding, the law, architects and other areas. It is a major project in which more than 150 residential units of various sizes would be built. There would also be a pool, a playground, a computer center and other amenities. It is set to be affordably priced for working class people who earn $26,000 to $47,000.

Addressing complicated real estate disputes and forging workable solutions

This project is a prime example of the obstacles that can arise when trying to work on a large scale real estate project. Whether it is commercial or residential, those involved need to be adequately prepared to confront challenges head-on and consider real estate litigation if necessary. This can go beyond zoning and technical disagreements and extend to flaws, disputes about whether the terms of the contract were adhered to, dangers and failure to pay what is owed. Regardless of the perspective, it is imperative to have guidance in deciding how to proceed to reach a positive outcome.