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3 potential construction risks developers face from builders

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2023 | Construction Litigation |

Developers, whether they are individuals or companies, often purchase land for development. They assign people to carry out construction projects, such as building structures or developing subdivisions. However, it’s important to note that this process isn’t always without complications. Some builders tasked with the job may sometimes use questionable tactics to boost their profits or achieve their goals quickly. Sadly, these tactics can turn into potential construction risks, escalating costs for developers.

Unethical practices that prolong the construction

In the construction industry, it can be challenging to maintain transparency and ethical conduct. Certain parties may lean towards predatory or unethical methods to protect their interests. These methods, rather than serving their intended purpose, often give rise to complications that can significantly delay the construction project.

Examples of these methods include:

  1. Poor materials and workmanship: Builders may use cheaper materials or subpar workmanship. This can unfortunately result in defects, safety issues or decreased property value.
  2. Inflated costs or undelivered services: Builders may overcharge or underdeliver, causing the developer to pay more for less.
  3. Project abandonment or delays: Unexplained project delays or abandonment by builders can waste time and money.

When builders don’t construct buildings properly, it can become costly for developers. This failure to maintain a standard of care is significant and can signify negligence. Such negligence might result in violations of codes and standards. As a result, they could potentially compromise the developers’ legal and financial position.

The right to sue for damages

Developers can challenge the builders to address these issues. If disputes arise and builders deny the claims, developers can pursue a negligent construction claim. To succeed, they need to prove the builder or designer failed to meet the expected standard of care. It’s vital to file the lawsuit within the correct legal time frame and jurisdiction. Moreover, they should seek damages or other compensation for the losses caused by the builder.

Developers carry the burden of ensuring their projects meet quality standards. If not, they can be held liable for any injuries. This justifies holding builders accountable, particularly when they use subpar materials or deliver poor workmanship in their projects.